Veeder Root MAG Plus Light Oil Probe Install Kit


Accurate Float Kits for a variety of fluids

Veeder-Root MAG Plus Probe Installation Kits provide a proven float technology system that meet specified fluid materials requiring inventory and optional water monitoring



$306.00 $281.52
$343.00 $315.56
$369.00 $339.48
$512.00 $471.04
$538.00 $494.96
$566.00 $520.72
$512.00 $471.04
$538.00 $494.96
$566.00 $520.72


MAG Plus Probe Installation Kits are available in 4″ (except gas, use the Phase-Two Separation Float kit instead), 3″, and 2″ float configurations.

All kits include a product float, water float (except Alternative Fluid kits*), Probe insulation boot, two ¾” adjustable adapters, and cable. The 2″ kits also include two 2″ non-adjustable adapters. Test times are longer when using 3″ and 2″ float kits.

  • Advance manufacturing technology provides precise fuel and water measurements

  • Variety of float kits for measuring product and water levels, including phase separation in Ethanol Blends

  • Provides continuous monitoring of in-tank fuel levels and water during deliveries which can alarm to your Veeder-Root automatic tank gauge

  • Phase Separation Float systems improve minimum water detection for MAG Plus Probes

  • Designed to measure product levels with industry standard fuel densities. 

  • Floats can detect fuel, water and phase separation (with Phase-Two Separation Float) levels to ensure proper business practices are used to manage fuel assets.

  • Alternative float kit (No Water Float) available for liquids that have a density range above standard fuels. (i.e. Ethylene Glycol, Windshield Washer fluid, Antifreeze, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) etc.)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in
Tank Diameter

64", 96", 120"