Krueger Sentry At A Glance Tank Gauge




The At-A-Glance Type D Liquid Level Gauge is a reliable, swing arm type tank gauge used for measuring all types of liquid levels. This sight gauges simple mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and easy/inexpensive repairs. This liquid level gauge is custom made in house to fit your tank. We can accommodate any size tank from 6 inches to 12 feet in depth, we can also account for double walls and pipe risers, and we offer multiple materials of construction to accommodate nearly any type of liquid.
  • Plastic Calibration
  • HDPE Lock Nut
  • Duro Nitrile Gasket
  • Aluminum Bushing
  • Galvanized Steel Rods
  • HDPE Floats

***Customized construction materials available on request. Please call for availability and pricing

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 4 × 4 in
Opening Size

2", 1.5"

Tank Diameter

6”-15”, 16”-46”, 47”-60”, 61”-71”, 72”-84”, 85”-99”, 100”-120”, 121”-132”, 133”-144”