Cim-Tek Hydroburn® PSR Phase Separation Fuel Treatment


Ethanol-Blended fuels can sometimes become phase-separated.  When that happens, we recommend our product HYDROBURN PSR.  PSR is a fuel additive formulated for use in above and underground fuel storage tanks.  It is specially designed to reverse phase separation in fuels once it has occurred, which helps avoid having to scrap out of spec fuels, and saves money in the process. Many Hydroburn PSR users have seen a huge reduction in the cost of having the phase-separated fuel in the tank removed, cleaned and serviced.  In most circumstances, one 55 gallon drum of Hydroburn PSR can restore up to 5000 gallons of phase separated fuel.  Use the calculator below to find out how much PSR is needed to restore your fuel!

Weight 462 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 48 × 42 in
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