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Gasboy Islander PRIME


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***Please call us at 1-800-752-5973 or fill out the contact from on the “Contact Us” page for specific model availability and lead times***

Islander™ PRIME fleet fuel management system combines the functionality of the advanced web-based site fuel controller CFN PLUS and the sophisticated island fleet card reader ICR PRIME in a single package hardened for the fuel island. Integrates seamlessly with other system components including Fleet Head Office management software and with unattended, remote and automated fueling systems. Create the most reliable, comprehensive turnkey fleet fuel management system on the market. Let Gasboy show you the most advanced fleet control technology — just contact your Gasboy distributor for more information.

  • Interfaces seamlessly with Fleet Head Office / Precise cost tracking
  • Supports multiple access technologies, including web-based and contactless systems / Easily integrated, enhanced data collection
  • Lighted terminals / Secure 24/7/365 availability for unattended sites

Standard Features

▪ 4.3″ Multimedia Color Display
▪ Built-in Web Server for remote maint.
▪ Contactless Tag Reader (ISO-14443)
▪ Self Contained with Pedestal
▪ Full Alphanumeric Vandal Proof 40 key Keyboard
▪ Controls 32 Electronic Hoses
▪ TCP/IP and RS-485 Communication
▪ Controls 2 Mech. Hose Outlets-Expandable to 8


Electronic, 2 Mechanical Hoses, 4 Mechanical Hoses, 6 Mechanical Hoses, 8 Mechanical Hoses

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