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Vaporless 99 LD-2200 Leak Detector


MLLD Features FE Petro Red Jacket VMI LD2200 VMI LD2000
One unit good for all fuels* No No Yes Yes
Guaranteed for 24 months (from date of install) No No Yes Yes
Shortest profile in the industry No No Yes Yes
Installs with 2” socket or pipe wrench No No Yes Yes
High head pressure unit available No No No Yes
Integrated check valve – reduces false alarm slow flow and allows function in a broader range of conditions No No No Yes
DEF unit available No No No Yes
High line resiliency model available No No No Yes
Thermal contraction: auto repressurization compatible No No No Yes


  • Guaranteed for 24 months from date of installation to detect a 3 GPH @ 10 PSI leak
  • Highest Flow Capacity
  • One-Way Poppet flow path
  • Reverse Ratio Piston / Poppet combination, pioneered in the 99 LD-2000
  • Smaller Volume – Faster Response piston size
  • Shortest profile leak detector available for “tight” installations
  • All Fuels*: gasoline, diesel, alcoholsBiodiesel, others
  • All Pipeline Systems (Flexible – fiberglass – steel) up to 250 ml. resiliency
  • Exceeds EPA regulations, 3 GPH @ 10 PSI
  • Detects leaks up to 10′ above the leak detector
  • installs with 2″ six point socket or pipe wrench
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3.5 × 3.5 in
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