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Bravo Split FRP Retrofit Entry Fitting for Conduit Rigid Pipe, 1/2″ conduit 5″ flange

Original price was: $236.65.Current price is: $184.99.

1/2″ conduit, round or flat sump wall

All-Fiberglass Split Retrofit Fitting For SingleWall Sumps

Retrofit-S fittings permanently retrofit (not repair) flexible entry boots from inside a sump without breaking concrete, disconnecting any piping or causing station downtime.

RF EPOXY *Required Qty=1 (+$29.20)

7 oz. can Bravo retrofit epoxy; use with PVDF pipe

The Retrofit-S fittings are split in two halves and bond to flat or curved wall fiberglass containment sumps as well as steel sumps. Models are available for all common piping including 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” conduit as well as fiberglass pipe from 2” through 4” diameters, including Ameron LCX coaxial pipe. Retrofit-S fittings come in two versions to better apply to pipe angles: The standard models accommodate pipe angles between 0-20° degrees. Extreme angle models accommodate angles between 20-45° degrees. All Retrofit-S fittings are kitted with all the required installation tools except the Retrofit Adhesive. Compatible with all conventional and alternative fuels.
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in
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