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Bravo Singlewall B-1000 Economy Dispenser Sump


The B-1000 UDC is a one-piece tank-spec all-fiberglass sump built for the Ovation, Encore, Helix, Reliance/Select, HS4, Atlas and Advantage/Helix Narrow dispensers. It allows height adjustment in the field by cutting down the top, similar to many polyethylene UDC’s. It includes our Electrical Offset system on both sides and is designed to accommodate the Wayne-Vac unit whether you use 3/4″ or 1″ conduit.

Encore/Helix Wide (BK-1017) Boss-mount bracket for B1000 & stabilizer bar for 17″ Wide assembly with hardware.

Ovation/Ovation High Speed/Helix Narrow/Pacific/Reliance /Select (BK-1015)
Boss-mount bracket for B1000 & stabilizer bar for 15″ Wide assembly with hardware

Atlas/Bennett 3000 (BK-1011)
Boss-mount bracket for B1000 & stabilizer bar for 11″ wide assembly with hardware

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 36 × 30 in
Dispenser Model

Gilbarco Encore 300, 500, 700, Wayne Ovation (3+0) (3+1) up to 3 inlets, Wayne Ovation HS Diesel/Ovation HL Series, Wayne Ovation HS Diesel/Ovation HS, Wayne Helix Wide Frame, Wayne Helix Narrow Frame, Wayne Reliance Select, Bennett Pacific, Bennett 3000 Big Fueler, Gasboy Atlas

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