APT Fusion Ducted Entry Boot For XP Pipe Ducting


APT™ brand Fusion Ducted Entry Boots provide a watertight seal between XP Pipe and polyethylene constructed containment sumps. Utilizing the electrofusion welding process, the entry boot, ducting, and sump become one solid structure, creating a watertight entry into the containment space.


EF1-230V (+$1,462.65)

230 Volt handheld electrofusion welder

408032001 (+$158.93)

Step up transformer for handheld welder unit

304-CLAMP (+$125.00)

Entry boot installation clamp tool

SCR.HAR (+$17.00)

Hand scraper installation tool

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

Fusion ducted entry boot for 1½” XP Pipe, Fusion ducted entry boot for 1¾” XP Pipe, Fusion ducted entry boot for 2” XP Pipe

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