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Power Integrity Dispenser Disconnects for Intercom and Media Circuits


The Power Integrity DDS is a code compliant solution to make your site safer for your employees and customers. Our DDS provides a modular solution to disconnect all low voltage dispenser data, communication, and video circuits at your location.

In 2011 the National Electric Code® clarified that all circuits, including power, data, communication and video circuits,leading to and through dispensing equipment must have a remote means to disconnect from the source of supply. Low voltage circuits (such as Class 2 power-limited circuits), while considered safe from an electrical shock or fire perspective, can ignite vapors in the environment of a Class 1 location such as a fuel dispensing area. This remote means must be able to disconnect all circuits regardless of voltage to all dispensers in an emergency shut down and to each individual dispenser during periods of maintenance and service

  • UL 1238 listed – Standard for Control Equipment for Use with Flammable Liquid Dispensing Devices
  • Complies with NEC® and NFPA® requirements for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities
    • Emergency disconnects – NEC® 514.11 & NFPA® 30A section 6.7
    • Maintenance disconnects – NEC® 514.13

  • Modular to fit the low voltage capabilities for your dispensers
    • Data (Primary) DDS disconnects dispenser and credit card reader circuits
    • Communications (Secondary) DDS disconnects intercom, loyalty program and media (twisted pair) circuits
    • Video (Secondary) DDS disconnects media circuits wired with Cat5E or Cat6 cables
    • Communications and Video DDS’s easily connect to Data DDS with DB9 cables, fully shielded to prevent EMI/RFI interference

  • Compact design saves valuable wall space
  • Simplifies installation as DDS’s are located near the installed circuits they are disconnecting
  • Lockable cover complies with lockout/tagout requirements and prevents access by unauthorized personnel
  • Separation of low voltage data and intercom circuits by having individual data and intercom DDS’s
  • Proven design – successfully tested for compatibility by major dispenser manufacturers and large multisite customers
  • Large installed base since 2008
  • Suitable for new and retrofit applications
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in

Low Voltage Disconnect for four intercom conductors for (8) dispensers (1) call button & (1) speaker per dispenser, Low Voltage Disconnect for four intercom conductors for (16) dispensers (1) call button & (1) speaker per dispenser, Low Voltage Disconnect for eight intercom conductors for (8) dispensers (2) call buttons & (2) speakers per dispenser

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