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OPW FlexWorks Automatic Fire Extinguisher System


The FlexWorks Automatic Fire Extinguisher System is a small, non-rechargeable fire extinguisher designed specifically to be installed in a containment sump underneath an above-ground fuel dispenser, and to automatically extinguish a fuel fire in the event of a dispenser knock-over. The FlexWorks Fire Extinguisher System will automatically activate and discharge its extinguishing agent when the surrounding temperature reaches 175ºF (79°C). The fire extinguisher comes with its own mounting bracket and can be mounted to a variety of surfaces. The fire extinguisher contains enough extinguishing agent to protect dispenser containment sumps up to a maximum capacity of 50 cubic feet.


  • Charged with a clean agent: HFC-227ea
  • Operating temperatures of 0°F to 130°F
  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Low-cost solution to a potentially expensive problem


  • Extinguishes fuel fires quickly
  • Provides year-round fire protection
  • No certified annual testing required
  • May reduce fire insurance premiums

Fire Prevention

Dispenser and UST containment sumps offer significant environmental protection by providing secondary containment and corrosion protection of valves and pipe fittings. Under certain conditions, a potential fire hazard could develop. Should a fire occur inside the containment chamber, the FlexWorks Automatic Fire Extinguisher System automatically extinguishes the fire in a matter of seconds protecting patrons, the underground piping, shear valves and sump.

  • Application: Dispenser Containment Sump
  • Agent: HFC-227ea
  • Coverage Area: 50 Cu. ft (1.42 Cu. m)
  • Atmospheric Life Less than one day
  • Activation Temp: 175°F (79°C)
  • Operating Temp Range: 0°F to 130°F (-17.7°C to 54.4°C)
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 in
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