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Bravo Split FRP Retrofit Entry Fitting for Flex Pipe, 3/4″ coaxial flex pipe

Original price was: $188.33.Current price is: $146.99.

3/4″ coaxial flex pipe, split, round or flat sump wall

The FLX-Series Retrofits are your solution to entry boot failures where you have flexible pipe. They permanently Retrofit (not repair) flexible entry boots from inside a sump without breaking concrete, disconnecting the pipe or causing station downtime.

RF EPOXY *Required Qty=1 (+$29.20)

7 oz. can Bravo retrofit epoxy; use with PVDF pipe

250ml polyethylene adhesive cartridge; use for poly pipe and poly sump walls; gun required (+$207.90)

Required Qty= 35ml

The key to the FLX-Series fittings is that you are making only epoxy or adhesive bonds between all materials: the sump, the fitting components and the pipe. How is that? We specify pipe-specific adhesives and use an FRP sleeve to essentially convert a short length of the pipe exterior to Fiberglass. Similar to our Retrofit-S fittings, the FLX-Series are kitted to include nearly everything needed to install them in one part number like gloves, sandpaper, emery strip the main split fitting which bonds to flat sump walls, a split adapter for curved sump walls and a split sleeve adapter sized for the flex pipe. The adhesive for bonding the sleeve adapter to the pipe and for bonding the fitting to the sump wall must be purchased separately. To support the FLX line we are providing a “Flexible Pipe Identification Chart” (available below) to help you both identify the specific pipe you have in the ground and also the corresponding adhesive type you must order. These are compatible with all conventional and alternative fuels.
However, there are some caveats so pay attention: These are not for poly sumps, or newly installed flex pipe. The pipe must be “existing” and “mature”, that is: done with most or all of it’s growing. If the pipe has been installed for 3+ years, it qualifies.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in
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